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Balancing Content & Music Production As An Artist

Balancing Content & Music Production As An Artist 150 150 Artist Coaching

Hi there,

Let’s dive into a topic that’s both exciting and a bit overwhelming for many artists: content creation. You know, the art of sharing your genius with the world through posts, videos, and all those catchy things that make your fans go wild.

But here’s the thing: how much is too much, and how does it impact your creativity and mental health?

First off, content is like the queen of the digital era (move over, king!). Stats say that around 60% of marketers create at least one piece of content per day. That’s a LOT of stuff vying for attention! For artists like you, that means the pressure to post content can be HIGH.

Sure, sharing your latest track or behind-the-scenes sneak peeks is awesome. It keeps your audience engaged, and they love getting an inside look at your creative process. But here’s the thing to remember: quality over quantity. It’s not about bombarding your fans every hour with new stuff; it’s about crafting content that builds a connection with your audience.

Now, let’s talk about the impact of this content frenzy on your creativity and mental health.

Creating, whether it’s music or content, can be like a rollercoaster ride. Some days, you’re on top of the world, crafting melodies that make unicorns dance. On other days, you’re stuck in a loop, wondering if you’ll ever create anything at all.

Here’s the deal: too much pressure to create content can kill your creativity. It’s like trying to compose a masterpiece while someone’s blasting air horns in your ears. Burnout is real! Studies show that creative burnout affects around 78% of artists at some point in their careers. And let’s not forget about our mental health. Constantly posting content can lead to stress, anxiety, and that dreaded feeling of never being “good enough.”

So, what’s the plan? Balance, my friends. It’s about finding that sweet spot where you’re creating enough to keep the buzz alive without sacrificing your creativity.

  • Setting a content schedule
  • Sharing tasks
  • Giving yourself permission to take breaks

Are crucial.

Your mental health is the VIP backstage pass to your creativity. Take care of it like you’d take care of your favorite synthesizer.

Content creation is a powerhouse for connecting with your audience, but it’s essential to find your balance. Don’t let the content whirlwind blow away your creativity.

So, go create both content and music but make sure it’s well balanced.

Regards, Joey

Three Things Artists Should Focus On In 2020

Three Things Artists Should Focus On In 2020 150 150 Artist Coaching

It’s crazy to see how much the music industry has evolved in just a couple of years. 

I still remember when I started making music in my bedroom on a computer that was slower than my phone is now.

I still remember having to deal with selling vinyl copies… Reality check.

Since the industry has evolved so much and the world around it hasn’t been standing still either, I thought this would be a good time to stand still and have a look into the future to see how an artist can use all these new developments to build his career.


Creating music still is the foundation of an artist’s career. With music, you’re not an artist. But the importance of music has decreased if you ask me. Back in the days (pre-social media), an artist didn’t have to worry that much about other things than making music. Being in the studio, creating new music was a top priority for an artist and I feel like those times have changed.

Right now, music still is important but it shouldn’t be your only main focus anymore. 

Remember, a lot of things have changed and you have to adapt to survive.


One of the things that should be your main focus for 2020 is creating content.

We live in a world where we spent most of our time online and when I say online, I mean social media networks. You know, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok… As an artist, you should represent yourself on those platforms. It is THE best way to connect with your audience and to build your brand. 

These platforms are driven by content. By creating content you have the opportunity to reach your audience and show them who you are and what you stand for and the craziest thing is that you can reach any person on this planet from the chair in your home.

Photos and videos are a great way to show people who you are and what you’re doing in life. By posting content, you can take your audience onto your journey. Show them your struggles, celebrate your wins. By showing the ups and downs, you will start to create a deep connection with your audience and that is key to building a brand.

Creating content seems to be scary to most artists that I speak to but I want to let you know that if you stay close to your personality, you can never go wrong. Content only becomes scary if you put out lies or things that you don’t agree with. The closer you stick to your own values, the stronger and easier it will become.

What most artists seem to forget is that with your music you will be able to reach people and build a fanbase but content has the exact same effect. The only difference is that you won’t be able to put out three songs a day but you will be able to put out three photos or videos a day. If one of those pieces of content goes viral, you have the opportunity to build a fanbase.

That’s why content is so valuable and that’s why you should start posting as much as possible ASAP.


Another thing is an important focus point for artists in 2020 is consistency. Consistency is key if you want to become successful in this industry. 

You need to be consistent with releasing your music and posting content.

Releasing one song isn’t going to do much for you. Of course, you can always be lucky and that one track could end up being a hit but focussing on those chances isn’t a smart strategy if you ask me. Releasing a song every month will bring you more opportunities and those opportunities will give you a bigger chance of success. It will also help to feed your audience with new music each month which will keep you more relevant.

Posting consistently on a daily base is the key to building a fanbase. You want to be on top of mind with the people that follow you. Posting content every day will subconsciously keep your artist name and brand at the top of your follower’s mind and it will create awareness around your artist name.

Consistency is the key to growth.

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