Career Audit

Life-changing questions for artists.

Back in my twenties, I was living ‘the dream’, traveling the world, and making music as a professional DJ. Despite the external success, something felt off. The so-called ‘dream life’ turned into a nightmare. Music-making lost its joy, DJing became a chore, and travel became a burden. It took me nearly a decade to figure out what went wrong.

At the onset of my career, I created the alter ego JoeySuki. As success grew, so did JoeySuki’s prominence, overshadowing the real me… Joey. Living this facade seemed manageable initially, but prolonged over the years, it led to burnout, depression, and a profound identity crisis.

Surrounded by experienced individuals in the industry, I made a crucial mistake… I never listened to myself. Operating on autopilot, I never took the time to reflect or ask the right questions.

Now, I’ve created this career audit for you. Learn from my journey and avoid the pitfalls.