If you’re an artist,
I’ve got good news and bad news…

First the bad news…

1. There is an enemy

The music industry that you, the artist, are a part of is hard and complicated.

2. You are the enemy

Your behavior (procrastination, fear, self-doubt, perfectionism) is inside you. It rules your life and will do everything to sabotage your success.

3. Your behavior will kill your success

If you don’t believe me, take a look around at all the singers, music producers, DJ’s etc. who are talented and have ambition… but aren’t making any progress. They are wasting their time because they can’t get out of their own way and do the work they should do to become successful. Trust me, I’ve been there. You will NEVER achieve your dreams if you don’t know how to recognize and change your own behavior.

Now the good news


4. You are not alone

You’re not weird. You’re not a failure. Everyone is experiencing this. It’s a force of nature.

5. Your behavior can be changed

There is no hack, no trick, no tip. Only you, armed with the right knowledge and power, can acquire the self-motivation, self-discipline, and self-belief to become a focused, mentally tough professional artist.

6.You’ve come to the right place

Whatever brought you here, Google, your friend or maybe you’ve read my book – doesn’t matter. Welcome! You have found an ongoing resource to help you fight and win the inner war of the professional artist.