Maintain and Sustain Your Success.

Accelerate your growth and maintain your mental health.

πŸ‘€ This coaching program is for artists who are serious about their music careers and care about their mental health.

In this program, we will help you to increase the growth of your artist career and we will focus on maintaining your mental health while building it. We will function as a creative neutral sparring partner, an accountability partner, and your mental coach 24/7.

Meet Your Coaches πŸ™‹πŸΌ

Success as an artist isn’t just about mastering techniques, it’s about mastering your mind.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen it a lot over the past few years, famous artists who’ve managed to become successful and burned out…

Some even got depressed or worst case scenario, ended their life.

We believe that every artist needs a personal coach and here’s why:


  1. Most artists are too young to understand the industry and themselves. They need proper guidance from a neutral and experienced party.
  2. Most people that work in the industry are financially dependent on you which could lead to bad advice and terrible decisions with a huge impact.
  3. Behind every artist stands a person. A person with a history, a private life, and a public life. It’s hard to manage the balance between these two separate lives and not everyone will understand you. It’s important to work on your personal development as an artist in order to understand your behavior and emotions.

Having a neutral and experienced artist coach on your side will help you to sustain your success and maintain your mental resilience during the process.

This will all benefit the end goal: living a happy life and enjoying your success for as long as possible.

How you will benefit from personal coaching

Get Things Done

Build Effective Habits

Crush Your Goals

Maintain Your Mindset

Become Accountable

Get Professional Feedback

Access To Network

Build a Strategy

What our clients say about us

Artists Coaching mainly helps me to set realistic goals for myself as an artist/company. In addition, I like having a neutral discussion partner (who knows about the industry) who can help me with the things I sometimes run into.


Ever since I started my coaching sessions I’ve been able to put my life into perspective, zoom out and get a grip on my day to day life. It’s helping me find balance in a chaotic world.

Artist Coaching shows you the right direction and how you can get there. Very generous and professional team, helpful and doing a lot for the DJ community! Happy to be a part of it and looking forward to many years together!
Labi Ramaj

Every client is different and Joey’s team not only recognizes that but also takes the time to personally get to know you and the best approach in which you’d be best teachable. The amount of growth I’ve seen in such a short time is priceless.

Roy Orion

Before the coaching, I just released a couple of tracks… With the help of Artist Coaching, I managed to release 10 tracks in just 8 months!

Lancie Green

Since being coached, I have completed two songs in a month, without having the problem with overthinking on whether the songs are good or not, or if I should release it or not.

Francisco Lozano

We wanted to get a second opinion, a sparring partner and someone who could help us through the hard mentally challenging times in our artist lives. That’s where Artist Coaching came in.


I’ve managed to get 1.000.000 streams on my music in just one year with the help of Artist Coaching.

Josh Le Tissier


Personal Coaching PRO
Monthly One-on-one sessions with an experienced and professional artist coach.

€275 /month

  • Access to Online Academy
  • 60-minute Coaching Session
  • Access to Mastermind Group
  • Monthly Group Session
  • 24/7 Ongoing Support
  • (One month for FREE on a yearly payment)
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