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“Artist Coaching is the result of everything that I missed in my career ” – JoeySuki

Founded by former prolific DJ/producer, JoeySuki, Artist Coaching is an online and offline coaching platform aimed at helping rising talent navigate the dance music industry by mentoring them on strategic, creative, and mental wellbeing decisions. The platform consists of training courses and certified personal coaching, in addition to providing free content to a dedicated community of aspiring artists.

Artist Coaching launched in 2016 with the ambition of helping new industry creatives achieve their professional goals while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. The inspiration came from JoeySuki’s former career, where he realized he didn’t have the resources to balance his mental wellbeing with the rigors of international bookings and his music release schedule. Following his career retirement, Suki became a certified NLP Master Coach, allowing him to share his industry knowledge by applying advanced coaching techniques. The ultimate goal for Artist Coaching is to help upcoming talent holistically navigate the music industry and provide long-term solutions to “all the things I missed myself during my career.”

Alongside formal training programs, Artist Coaching shares free, daily content to over 100k social media followers and publishes interviews with industry professionals to over 20K podcast listeners. Past guests and mentors include top 100 DJs such as Sam Feldt and Bassjackers, label executives from Revealed Recordings and Atlantic’s Big Beat, and content marketing experts specializing in streaming services, radio-syndication, and mental health specialists.


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