5 Harsh Truths Every Artist Should Embrace

5 Harsh Truths Every Artist Should Embrace

5 Harsh Truths Every Artist Should Embrace 150 150 Artist Coaching

Let’s dive into the real world of music. It’s not all glitter and glamour as many of you might think.. There are some nasty truths we need to talk about. We’re here to shine a light on the stuff nobody tells you about when you’re starting to chase your dreams.

We’ll bust some myths about talent being the only ticket to stardom. (Spoiler alert: it’s about more than just natural talent.) We’ll also talk about balancing the cash flow while chasing your music dreams and how rejection’s just a part of the gig..

Let’s get into it.

These are the five harsh truths that every artist should embrace:

  • 1. Talent isn’t enough: While natural talent is a great advantage, success in the music industry often requires more than just innate abilities. Hard work, dedication, networking, and business acumen are equally crucial. Many immensely talented artists struggle because they underestimate the importance of these other aspects. They completely lose themselves in the focus of music production. They aim to make the best music on the planet but forget about how it should reach the crowd. Having talent is great but it’s worthless if you don’t act upon it. Messi wouldn’t become such a world-known soccer player if he hadn’t practiced football every single day for a long period. Hard work is essential for a successful artistic career.
  • 2. Financial instability is common: Making a stable living solely from music can be extremely challenging. Building an artist career often involves financial uncertainty, especially in the early stages of someone’s career. Many artists need to balance a day job or other income sources to support their artistic endeavors and that’s OK. I can highly recommend an aspiring artist to get a side job to pay for the bills. This will take care of the fact that you won’t get any financial stress. Financial stress can kill your creativity so you don’t want that. Try to keep some sort of stability by having a side job for as long as it is possible to combine your artist career with. It will keep things in a much healthier balance.
  • 3. Rejection is inevitable: In the music industry, rejection is a constant companion. Whether it’s rejection from labels, publishers, or a fan, it’s a part of the journey. Even successful artists faced numerous rejections before making it big. Learning to handle rejection and using it as fuel for growth is crucial. 
  • 4. Comparison leads to self-doubt: In the creative realm, it’s nearly impossible to avoid comparing yourself to others in their success, their talent, their recognition. This constant comparison game can be stifling and emotionally draining. Artists often find themselves measuring their worth against the perceived achievements of their peers, leading to self-doubt and a sense of inadequacy.

    The truth is, there will always be someone seemingly more talented, more successful, or more recognized. Dwelling on these comparisons can hinder creativity and cloud your artistic journey. Embracing the truth that everyone’s artistic path is unique, and success is subjective, allows artists to focus on their own growth and creative expression rather than constantly measuring up to external standards.
  • 5. Criticism is part of the package: Not everyone will appreciate or understand your music, and that’s okay. Learning to handle criticism, both constructive and negative, is an essential skill for artists. It’s important to stay true to your vision while also being open to feedback that can help you improve.

Once you manage to embrace these harsh truths instead of fighting them, you’ll notice that your life and career will become much more comfortable. 

I’m also a big fan of the quote: 

“You need to become comfortable with being uncomfortable”

Because being uncomfortable means that you are growing. 

All the best,