A Guide To Setting Goals For Artists

A Guide To Setting Goals For Artists

A Guide To Setting Goals For Artists 150 150 Artist Coaching

As some of you might know, the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve is one of my favorite weeks of the year… Why? Because it somehow feels likeΒ the perfect week to reflect on the past year and set goals for the upcoming year.Β 

After doing this for several years now, I’ve noticed that there’s a lot to gain from that week. It offers you a chance to zoom out on the past year and see what went well or maybe didn’t go that well and it allows you to be grateful for what you’ve achieved that year.

Every time I start talking about this with other artists, I notice that some artists struggle to set achievable goals for themselves. It’s hard to determine a goal and make it measurable, and achievable yet still challenging…

That’s why I’ve created a few tips for you to set goals for yourself in the upcoming week, right before the start of 2024.

Here are some questions to help guide you:

  • What do I truly want to achieve?
    • Clarify your desires and aspirations. Make sure the goal resonates with your values and passions.
  • Why is this goal important to me?
    • Understanding the significance of the goal can motivate you during challenging times.
  • Is this goal specific and measurable?
    • Ensure your goal is well-defined and quantifiable. This makes it easier to track progress.
  • Is it realistic given my resources and constraints?
    • Consider the time, effort, and resources needed to accomplish the goal. Be realistic about what you can feasibly achieve.
  • How will I stay motivated throughout the process?
    • Identify potential obstacles and create a plan to overcome them. Find ways to keep yourself motivated and focused.
  • What steps can I take to achieve this goal?
    • Break down the goal into smaller, manageable tasks. This makes it less overwhelming and helps track progress more effectively.
  • What support or resources might I need?
    • Determine if you require any additional knowledge, skills, or support from others to accomplish the goal.
  • How will I measure progress?
    • Define milestones or checkpoints to track your progress along the way. Celebrate small victories to stay encouraged.
  • What’s my deadline or timeline?
    • Set a realistic timeframe for achieving the goal. Having a deadline helps create a sense of urgency and keeps you accountable.
  • Am I open to adjusting the goal if needed?
    • Remain flexible and open-minded. Sometimes circumstances change, and adjusting goals might be necessary for success.

These are some of the questions I ask myself every year to create achievable, challenging, and measurable goals. I hope it helps you too.

For now, I want to wish you and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for reading my blogs, it means a lot to me.

Regards, Joey