Why Working For Free Helps You Built Your Artist Career

Why Working For Free Helps You Built Your Artist Career

Why Working For Free Helps You Built Your Artist Career 150 150 Artist Coaching

Do you know that situation? You’ve worked on a track for 30–40+ hours, maybe even more..

You are so hyped to share it with the world, but what now?

Of course, you want your release to be as perfect as you possibly can.

So you’re looking for someone to get that last 10% out of your mixdown and mastering.

You are happy with the sound of the track, now you need to cover art and a little promo video to really grab people’s attention. So you’re also hiring someone for this.

Everything is set and ready to go, but what you didn’t think about was how do people get on all these fancy playlists?!

Through a friend you’ve heard that you can actually pay to get some Spotify promotion to grow your plays and trigger the algorithms.

So the next step, you also hire some promotion.

Now you look at your bank account and realize that you are freaking broke from all of the costs for just one release..

What can you actually do about it?

First of all the solution will not be easy and secondly need a LOT of hard work but in the long run it is absolutely worth it and there’s absolutely no budget necessary.

The key to success is networking.


But how do you get in touch with the right people or the companies that deliver the services you need?

This is where our topic of the week comes in handy – working for free!

First, you should do some research on who you want to contact and what the person exactly does. Then you need to think about how you can bring value to that person and just message them directly.

Maybe you think their homepage could use some improvements..

maybe you have some visual or design skills you can offer..

The possibilities are endless!

Even if you don’t figure out anything you might have to offer, you can still offer your manpower at promoting their stuff in your producer network and comment / like / share their social media.

People will definitely recognize it.

And I’m not talking about doing it once or twice, you have to be very consistent and patient.

As I pointed out in the beginning, it’s a long term plan.

Spread your wings as far as you can.

So let’s say you’ve worked for them a few times now.

Now you’re actually in contact with them and they trust you because you’re basically one of the good dudes out there.

But you kept your own artist stuff silently so far.

As you are friends with them on Facebook / Instagram /.. whatever now.

They actually find out about yourself on their own and you will be surprised how many opportunities this will create.

People will return a favor of 100%.

You put out that new track of yours, suddenly they’re putting it on their big playlists on their own or finally someone actually listens to your demo as you don’t need to email their overloaded demo mailbox, or they connect you to another key-person that will have great value for your own career.

I could go on forever! You’re now part of their inner circle, which is exactly where you want to be.

It’s simple, share the love and you will receive love.

The more you do it, the bigger and better the opportunities and your network gets.

One last tip, don’t ever judge people on their following / likes or other stupid numbers.

Don’t be that person.

First of all, it’s just stupid, we all started with 0 and you never know what is about to happen with that relationship or who they know.

It has happened a ton of times to me already.

Always be nice and gentle to everyone and you’ll be successful sooner or later and it’s actually way more fun to live that way.

Try it out yourself and kick it this week!

Let me know your experiences in the comments. I would love to hear your personal stories and experiences.