Why Spotify Isn’t The Only Streaming Platform You Should Focus On

Why Spotify Isn’t The Only Streaming Platform You Should Focus On

Why Spotify Isn’t The Only Streaming Platform You Should Focus On 150 150 Artist Coaching

So many people are talking about Spotify right now and I totally get it. I’m a big fan!

It’s a great service, it’s user-friendly and it has great music discovery modes

But don’t let all that shine distract you from what your focus should be

Every artist has its own genre of music and its own market where everything is happening

If you want to promote your music on the right spot, it’s important for you to find out where your hotspot is

It’s a bad idea for a baker to sell bread in a club, it doesn’t make sense…

Where are all your fans listening to your music and what is the best platform for you to grow?

If that genre is house music you might consider focussing on Beatport or Traxsource

If that is pop music, Spotify could be the one to go for

At this moment, everyone is aiming for Spotify which makes it really hard to stand out from the crowd

There’s more competition…

So having another strategy could pay off quickly since there are other platforms emerging with millions of ears to entertain

One of those platforms is Apple Music, we all know it.

Apple’s music streaming platform is quickly growing in the footsteps of Spotify but they both have their pros and cons

Nonetheless, Apple Music also has playlists and curators who are looking for the latest music and chances are bigger that they will listen to your music their since there are fewer people asking for their attention there

Besides focussing on playlists and career growth options it’s also smart to keep an eye on other emerging platforms

What a lot of people tend to forget is that YouTube still is number 1 when it comes down to music streaming

And, *drum fill* YouTube will start it’s own streaming service this year tentatively called “Remix”

Imagine a giant like YouTube starting its own streaming service and taking a lot of Spotify’s customers

How important will Spotify remain to be if that happens?

You need to keep your eyes open and stay active on all platforms

You never know which one will pop and be the next big thing

Another service that has become a ‘one to watch’ is Amazon Music

Amazon is becoming a monster on multiple platforms at the moment. but we’re focussing on music right now

They’ve launched Amazon Alexa a few years ago and since then the whole game has changed

Imagine this:

You’re walking through your living room and suddenly feel like listening to music

Instead of walking towards the radio or grabbing your phone you just say: “Alexa play music”

Suddenly there’s music playing in your living room

Now let’s try to say: “Alexa play music from JoeySuki”

Suddenly my music is playing in your living room.

now first… That’s awesome since I’m getting royalties

Second… It has become so easy to listen to music and it has become so easy to discover music

Think about apps like Shazam or Siri who helps you find your favorite music

There are no boundaries anymore which make it really easy for people to discover you and your music

To make things even closer to reality: This isn’t a future thing, this is already happening.

I already own an Alexa in my home and I already play music by yelling at that device

A lot of people in the world are already talking to there phone, asking which track it is that they are hearing at a festival, at a club, at a bar…

What if the landscape changes? Because it can and it will, somewhere in the future

Would Spotify still be so important?

The essence of this story is:

Focus on the platform that matters to your genre and your audience

Be aware of other platforms and be active on there as well

Be aware of technical developments that are able to change the game