I own a SUPERPOWER but found out too late in life 😑

I own a SUPERPOWER but found out too late in life 😑

I own a SUPERPOWER but found out too late in life 😑 150 150 Artist Coaching

If you have been following me for a while on socials, you might know that I’ve been screaming about this message for a long time…

FINISH YOUR MUSIC! Your music is worthless when it sits on your desktop

Most of the artists struggle to finish their music because:

– At which point do you decide that it’s finished?
– Will it be ‘good enough’?
– What if I get better in the future and my tracks from now sound awful?

All of these reasons have come by over the years here at the Artist Coaching office and you know what… It doesn’t matter. All of the above doesn’t matter because as long as you decide to NOT release your music (for whatever reason) you won’t get any step closer to your goal of making a living from your music.

I know it’s hard, I know it’s complicated but it is o so important that you try to get over your fears, anxieties, or insecurities because that’s the only thing standing between you and your goals right now.

Now, I hear you thinking: what superpower do you own? 🤔

I never struggled to finish or release my music because my mindset was always: as long as it’s “good enough”.

I never chased perfection in my life and luckily still don’t.

Progress over perfection! That’s my mantra.

Talking about finishing music as a superpower, yesterday we had a talk with The Him who also seems to own this superpower… That podcast episode is live now on all platforms!

A few mindblowing statistics 🤯 about The Him:

– Over 500.000.000 streams across platforms
– Over 47.500 followers on Instagram alone
– Released on major labels
– Over 750.000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone
– Created his plugin Subninja

That plugin is available as a FREE download for a short period and we get to give away a few codes. Check out the episode description and find the code and instructions there!

I enjoyed talking to The Him together with Jay Hardway. It’s a valuable conversation with multiple valuable insights, make sure to check it out!

Regards, Joey

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