Why is there a one-year commitment for all the coaching programs?

After years of coaching artists, we’ve experienced that having a commitment and being accountable to each other results in the most growth for your artist career. Rome isn’t built in a day and your music career isn’t as well.

Can I talk to multiple coaches when I’m active in the coaching programs?

Yes, you can but it’s limited to twice a year and only possible in the Creative and Career Coaching program.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes, we do. You have the option to pay monthly, half-yearly and annually.

Will you reach out to labels for me?

All our coaches have built an enormous network of music industry professionals from all over the world. That’s something we want to protect because after all, it’s hard to build a quality network. Therefore, we only send out music to labels/managers/bookers if we believe that the connection makes sense and it’s the right step for you to take in your career.

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