People tend to forget that when they are communicating online, it’s actually the same as we communicate offline

Whenever there’s a screen involved in our communication, we tend to change the way we talk and we forget who we are talking to

Why do you do that?

It’s still people we’re talking to right?

The same goes for every platform that you’re active on… Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Periscope, Tinder etc.

When you are creating content you have to think about where you are gonna post it and how you’re gonna communicate with the crowd

The ‘how’ is what I would like to talk about today

Every platform requires their own form of content, their own way of communication

a.k.a. native content

Facebook allows you to communicate in a lot of different ways (video, photo, and text) but they judge every form of content in a different degree. Video performs better on Facebook then a photo does and long written blogs will perform better than a short one.

The algorithm of Facebook decides which content is good and what’s bad by checking the engagement on your post (comments, likes, and shares).

Snapchat and Instagram Stories are all about short video content. It’s all about the now. So make sure to communicate with it. It has no use to upload a two-minute video if it’s only possible to upload 10/15 second videos.

It will be cut in twelve short videos which will probably disrupt your message.

It’s not the way the platform was designed. It’s not how the platform wants you to communicate.

People want to know what you’re doing NOW and not what you have been doing or are gonna do. It’s not a spot for impersonal advertising. Make things personal.

Instagram allows you to post photo and videos on your timeline as well

Timeline videos can be up to one minute in a 1920 x 1080 shape and storie videos go up to fifteen seconds and have a 1080 x 1920 shape.

This means that you have to create two different videos and communicate in two different ways

So… It’s up to you to create content that gets people to engage

When you create this kind of content, keep in mind that you can do this in three ways

Video, photo or written text

Here’ are three questions you should ask yourself before you create a post:

  • What kind of content works best on the platform?
  • How do you communicate with that type of content?
  • What kind of people are you talking to?

Communicating online is not different from communicating offline

When you’re talking to your mother in law, you use other words than when you’re talking to your friends

When you talk with your grandma, you talk differently than talking with your girlfriend

Think about that…

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