You have been working on your music for a long time now and you’ve spent days and weeks in the studio.

You’ve managed to play a lot of gigs, grew your following along the way and finally, your moment is here… You have a hit!

Now, I actually don’t like the word ‘hit’ because you can’t define when a track really is a ‘hit’. So let’s just say that you have a track that is performing really well and it has been opening doors for you.

Now what?

This is a really important moment in your career.

Now that you’ve managed to reach this point, it’s important for you to NOT change course

One of the most common mistakes artists make at this point is that they are afraid of not being able to deliver in the studio because they have fans now that expect something from them

In the music industry, there is a saying: “You’re only as good as your last release”

What this actually means is that the audience will judge you by your latest release…

Sounds scary, doesn’t it?

It really isn’t because always remember that the fans that you’ve gathered along the way found you and liked you because of what you have done in the past

No need to change course

Always stay close to yourself

Oke so you’ve managed to get the attention you’ve always wanted to get, all the eyes are aimed at you, so why not make the best use of it while it’s here?

When you have a ‘hit’ record you actually managed to get a lot of people’s attention and ultimately, that’s what you want as an artist

You want to be in ‘the picture’

A lot of people think this is the hardest part of being an artist but spoiler alert… It’s not!

It’s more difficult to stay on top than to get there…

There are a few things that are important to stay relevant at this point in your career

“You’re only as good as your last release” after all…

Whenever you’ve reached the point of having a ‘hit’ record it’s really important to stay consistent with your release schedule

People need to be fed with new music just like they need new food every day

On social media, you do this by posting consistently and with your music, you can do it by releasing consistently

A very good example of this is the Chainsmokers

When they’ve managed to get the world’s attention with their biggest hit “Closer” they had a choice…

  1. Stop releasing music for a while and focus on other stuff like touring etc.
  2. Prioritize the release schedule

They chose to do the second option. They continued releasing more and more music, it just didn’t stop.

This all happened at the moment where they had the most attention possible because their track was being played all over the world, every day, every hour, on every radio station…

So what happens is that the whole world is looking to your social media pages, listening to your SoundCloud account, listening to your Spotify account and at that moment you drop a new single

What do you think happens next?

Yes, all the people that already had the Chainsmokers on top of their mind were being reminded of a new track that had the same vibe/sound as Closer so chances were big that the audience will love this as well

The result is a second hit track with millions of streams

After that they’ve made an even bigger move, they collaborated with Coldplay which gave them even more attention because now it’s not just only their own fan base who will hear their new track, it’s Coldplay’s fan base as well!

Creating more and more awareness all over the world made the Chainsmokers invincible.

Now let’s break this story down into an easier digestible piece…

This is how you decide what the best timing is to release you’re follow up track:


1. Define the moment in time when you’re track is at the highest level of success

(Whether this is having a #1 hit record on the radio or getting DJ support from five big artists, it’s a success in some kind of way. This differentiates from which point you are in your career)

2. That’s the moment for you to release you’re follow up track

By doing this you will also maintain the relationship between you and your fans because you keep feeding them with new material when the first track is on his way back

You stay on top of mind with them





Small sidenote to the story above: Always remember that the quality of the track will be priority number #1.

Releasing a shitty track to maintain your release output won’t get you anywhere in your career

Here are some bullet points to sum up this story:

  • It’s more difficult to stay on top, than getting there
  • You’re only as good as your last release
  • Define your highest success rate possible and then release you’re follow up
  • The quality of the music will always be the highest priority


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