What To Do When Your Career Isn’t Taking Off | The Community Q&A Answers

This blog post is a summary of my weekly Q&A sessions with members of the Artist Coaching Community. 


How can you get on a booking agency’s radar if your brand and music is on point, you’re continuously active on social media, but you don’t have the connections? 

If booking agencies haven’t found you yet, that means you haven’t done enough. You should be doing more. That could mean releasing more music, taking on more bookings, attending more conferences, and being more active on social media. It’s all about visibility for booking agencies. If they haven’t found you yet, you should be doing more to get on that radar. 


Nowadays, the opportunities for artists are endless. More opportunities create more competition. Would you agree?

I think that’s true. The fact that there are more opportunities causes more competition as an artist. To stand out from the crowd, you should be doing more than your competition and doing more as an artist. It just becomes tougher. Everything bigger is tougher, but you need to fight for it. It’s not going to be easy!


What are your thoughts about scam agencies and other frauds in the industry? How do you stay away from them?

It’s too bad that they’re an industry. I think what you could do to stay away from them is use the power of the internet. For example, in the Artist Coaching Facebook page, there are over 900 artists gathered together. All those people have experience with people around the world. There’s probably a chance that one of them has been approached by the agency that’s approached you. Use these Facebook groups and ask people for advice on whether these agencies can be trusted. 


What are the top genres in the Netherlands right now?

I think it’s mainly dance music and Dutch hip-hop. Check out Spotify’s Top 50 Netherlands playlist. 


How do you get out of writer’s block and keep creativity sustainability?

It really depends on what works best for you. For some people, it works best to leave the studio and get inspired by a different environment. For others, they like to get triggered by new samples and plugins. You should try to look for what gives you that feeling of inspiration or creativity. Is it a new sample, listening to other people’s music, or walking outside? Find out what triggers you to get in that state of mind. I think that’s the most important thing everyone should do. There’s no status quo for everyone.