Max Lean

“For me Joey as a coach is the perfect „All-in-one“ due to his great experience as a dj & producer by himself back in the days, due to his secret knowledge and network he has in the music scene and of course due to is social skills and background he adopted by his own burn out. This is the reason why he can really feel your inner fears and doubts as an artists. We both met at the right time where my music career started to grow up. Many new decisions had to be made and I felt very blessed to have someone around who has the ability to help you in a very professional way. So to have this sparring partner and good friend like Joey is still just amazing. Thank you man!”

Francisco Lozano

“Joey and I have been working together for the past 3 months and since then, he has coached me on the right steps to take, to make my music career grow faster, better and correctly. He helped me pin point what issues i was having with releasing music and more importantly, taking critical listens to my music productions, which helps me tremendously (Yes, Joey is very honest when it comes to his feedback and won’t sugar coat any professional opinion he has). Believe me, as a music producer, its so hard to end up deciding wether to release a certain song or not and thanks to Joey, I am surpassing that issue now. Since being mentored by him, i have completed 2 songs in a month, without having the problem with over thinking on wether the songs are good or not, or if i should release it or not. With all the experiences Joey went through with his music career, he helps me understand the mission and how to lead my career the right way. I would strongly suggest you giving his coaching a try. You won’t be disappointed! Thank you Joey.”


“I already knew Joey from being a fan of his music and his coaching program couldn’t have come at a better time for me. Since I started the coaching program with him, my knowledge and motivation doubled with 200%. The fact that he’s my age, has a lot of experience in this business and his skillset as a DJ and producer gave me a comfortable feeling of working with him. He was just what I needed in my career at the right time! Definitely a recommendation for all beginning and struggling artists”


“Everyone knows the feeling of running into a wall with something and feeling that your career is standing still. You don’t know whats going wrong or how you can do certain things better. At that moments it’s great that there’s someone out there who can help you with this and who’s standing on your side. Someone with a neutral opinion and has a lot of experience in that particular field.

Joey is a perfect example of this to me. Joey is coaching me for about a year now and helps me out with all my questions, problems and concerns I have with my career. He always gives me good advice and knows which way I have to go to get my career to the next level. After a talk with Joey I always feel better and more excited to get back to work again! The coaching sessions help me getting motivated again and work even harder. This gives me a positive feeling of my career moving upwards!”

Brendan Khoo

“Joey is a fantastic coach. He really lit up the way for me and taught me things that I would have never known about the industry. Through his services he showed me different things such as publishing, technology, and career goals which need to be checked in balance to fulfill a healthy lifestyle. All in all, I fully recommend Joey!”

Eighties Kid

“My experiences with Joey as a person and his way of coaching are very positive. He is very easy going and a pleasant person to talk to.

I have been in contact with Joey for several months now. At first I was just curious in what areas he could coach me. Since my music productions were not quite ‘there’ yet, we started with some knowledge transfer sessions. I’ve made big steps forward ever since and I’m learning new things every time we dive into my projects.

Next to this Joey explained the importance of branding. I literally had to start from scratch by defining an artist name. Step by step we are working towards a recognizable brand. Since I’m at the beginning of my career I simply do not have a lot of music and bookings to share. Therefore I find it quite difficult to promote myself. Joey understands where I am at and so he provides me tips & tricks: for example what content to post on social media.”