What I Would Invest In As An Artist | The Community Q&A Answers


This blog post is a summary of my weekly Q&A sessions with members of the Artist Coaching Community. You can watch the full video here!


How much money would I need to promote a single track effectively?

That’s a pretty hard one to answer, mainly because it’s personal depending on your budget. There are also too many variables such as genre, audience, and timing, which make this a difficult question to answer. Some tracks need a lot of money, and some don’t. It really depends on the track.


What do you think about platforms like LabelRadar?

LabelRadar is a platform that I can actually see working. I know a few labels are already creating their own platforms, but having an overall bigger platform that encompasses both labels and artists might work, especially if larger labels start to get involved.


Do you think it’s a good idea to create bad buzz on social media to gain more attention?

I wouldn’t create bad buzz to get attention. I would just create great content to make sure you do get attention from the right people.


Do you think Progressive House will make a comeback?

Firstly, I don’t think progressive house ever died. I never believe in certain genres dying, I just believe the audience gets smaller. A genre might get more or less popular, but there’s always a crowd that’s interested in the music you create. It’s not a matter of creating the right genre; it’s a matter of reaching the right people. You can reach the right people easily through social media these days.


If you decided to restart your career with a good budget, how would you spend your money to grow?

If I had enough money to restart my career, I would have someone film me every day and create a daily vlog out of it. Creating a shitload of content as an artist right now is vital. Aside from that, I would invest in travel costs. If there was a gig that I knew would add value, but a certain promoter wasn’t willing to cover that travel cost, I would definitely cover that myself.

Do I need someone to represent myself to promoters or do I approach them directly myself?

Having someone with a bigger network than yourself might help. In the end, networking is key in the music industry. If you have a manager or booker that knows more people than you do, that could definitely help. But, if you already have past achievements like top tracks in Beatport, you could use that as ammunition to sell to promoters. That also makes you more attractive to a booker.


What are the best ways to earn money as a producer? Where are some sites I could sell my productions?

There are a variety of ways to make money as a producer. One could be ghost production or co-production (like selling beats). and are two great sites to get started. You could also help write music for people like singers or songwriters and take a piece of the pie from royalties and publishing.

However, if you want to sell yourself as a producer, networking is crucial. The best way to grow is to join conversations in places like forums and Facebook groups and create awareness around the fact that you produce. Networking in the background – knowing label managers, bookers, and promoters – is also super important.