Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in your music career?

  • You’ve reached out to record labels but never got a reply
  • You’re contacting club promoters but never get booked
  • You’ve reached out to playlist curators but never got featured

Your career isn’t taking off and you don’t know why.

You love music, and you just want to make a living from it.

You’ve read a few blogs, watched some tutorials…
But instead of giving you answers, they left you with more questions.
Or maybe you’ve already tried. You’ve taken an online course or program, but it was too generic (and if you’re honest, a bit boring).

The only thing you want is to make a living out of music.


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Don’t do what I did…

My name is JoeySuki. I’ve been a professional DJ and music producer for over ten years.
I made some bad decisions in my career, which led to me losing a lot of my precious time. It’s not like you’re going to get that back.
Losing time is a really bad thing in my opinion, especially when your young and have no big responsibilities yet.
When I started building my career at the age of fourteen, I lived at my parent’s place and had no financial obligations.
These low-risk moments don’t happen that much in your life, so you better use it in the best way possible when such an opportunity strikes.

Looking back, I realized I made three key mistakes during my career:

  • I was only focussing on making music
  • I made the wrong decisions because I didn’t know how the music industry worked
  • I wasn’t disciplined enough and had no one to check up on me


Introducing Personal Artist Coaching

In 2015, when I decided to quit DJing, I started reflecting on my career.
I asked myself this question: “What was the thing that I missed in my own career?
After a few brainstorm sessions, I finally found the answer.

I missed a coach.

A person:

  • Who has experience in the music industry and can advise me in my career.
  • Who can connect me with the right people in the music industry.
  • Who can motivate me in times that I’m feeling unmotivated.

The minute I realized this, I decided to start a company called Artist Coaching.

A company where upcoming artists can grow on a personal and professional level by getting one-on-one coaching from industry professionals.


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How it works

We want to do everything on our own but sometimes you need someone else to see the things that you don’t see yourself. That’s what a coach is to me.

A person that has an overall-view to build your career in an efficient, practical and healthy way.


Here’s how personal coaching helped Francisco in his career



Here’s what others say about my services


Ready to get started?

Do you feel like you’re:

  • Running into a dead end and don’t know where to go next?
  • Working really hard without any results?
  • In need of feedback from an professional artist?


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