Have you ever asked yourself this question?

How is it possible that some artists are able to make a living from music and some aren’t?

You have been struggling to build your artist career from the start and somehow it just doesn’t take off.
You’re social media pages aren’t growing hard enough and it seems impossible to get your music signed to a decent label.

This is what most successful artist have in common:

  • They are unique
  • They release music with a plan
  • They know the right people in the music industry

But most importantly, they succeeded to transfer their music into money.
They get the right advice from the right people which saved them a lot of time. It helps them to avoid the major pitfalls that the music industry has.

If you are an emerging artist, you probably have tried a lot of these things.
You’ve tried to get signed by never got a reply from the label.
You’ve tried to finish more tracks, but they were never done or good enough.
You’ve tried building a fan base but there is no growth.

All this has cost you a lot of time and maybe even some money.

All you want is to make a living out of music. You want to find the best education at an affordable price.



How I did it…

When I started DJing at the age of fourteen, I never thought about all the things that you had to do to become a successful artist.
I had no plan, no network and I struggled to get an income out of my music.
The only thing I had was my talent and the time to develop myself.
Sure, I’ve gathered some information along the way from people that claimed to be an industry professional but that never speeded up the process or made things much clearer for me.
The music industry was one big jungle and I tried to find my way through it on my own.

Looking back at that time, I realized that I’ve made multiple mistakes that lead to me losing a lot of time:

  • I didn’t have a plan.
  • I didn’t know how to promote my music
  • I did not know how to build an engaging fanbase

Eventbrite - Artist Coaching | 6-Month Mastermind Training

Introducing: the Artist Coaching Mastermind Training.
The 6-months online training that will take your career to the next level under the guidance of experienced professionals.

When I decided to quit my DJ career in 2014, I asked myself this question:

“What did I miss in my own career?”

The answer was someone that guided me, motivated me and had the required experience and knowledge to get me to the next level. In other words, a coach.
I started a new company that offered personal coaching for artists to let them become successful in the music industry in an efficient, strategic and healthy way.
After one year, I managed to go in full-time.
It seemed that a lot of people were looking for the thing that I missed myself as well.

Now, after two years of having one-on-one sessions with artists, I noticed that there are a lot of artists who need to work on their fundamentals.
I believe that the fundamentals are the most important thing if you are planning to build on it in the future.

I decided to create a 6-month training schedule which includes setting personal goals, doing homework and having monthly group calls with your mastermind group to build the foundation you need.



How it works

We’re going to take a deep dive into one subject a time each month. We will start the month with a group call in which a professional and experienced coach will guide you through the teaching material of that month. You will leave that session with homework. You will also meet with your group once a month to talk to each other through the challenges that your facing.

Eventbrite - Artist Coaching | 6-Month Mastermind Training

What does the training include?

  1. Month 1: Create Your Brand
    In this month you will set up your own personal brand strategy.
  2. Month 2: Set Your Goals
    Without a goal, you can’t score. In this month you’re gonna set clear goals for yourself to make sure that you reach your goal efficiently and in the quickest way possible.
  3. Month 3: Finish More Music
    You can’t be an artist without music so that’s why you’re gonna focus on finishing as much music as possible. Update your studio habits and upgrade your musical output.
  4. Month 4: Promote Your Music
    A successful release needs a proper promotion plan. That’s why you’re gonna create your own custom release plan.
  5. Month 5: Build Your Fanbase
    In this month you’re gonna learn how to build your own fanbase. Spoiler alert: You’ll have to do more than just music)
  6. Month 6: Grow Your Network
    Being successful in the music industry isn’t only about having good music, it’s also about who you know.



What else is included?

  • Monthly online group calls with a professional and experienced coach
  • Monthly online group calls with your Mastermind Group
  • Access to the exclusive Mastermind Facebook group to build your network
  • Access to all the recorded video material & worksheets
  • Monthly homework to strategically build your career
  • Feedback on your homework from your coach



Ready to get started?

A new training will start every quarter of the year. Register now to start in January 2019.