How To Get The Most Out Of ADE | The Community Q&A

How can I get the most out of ADE as an upcoming artist? What should I attend, and how should I network and make new connections?
Great question! To me, Amsterdam Dance Event is all about networking. So it’s all about meeting people, spending time with each other, having a beer or coffee, going out to dinner, and just casually networking with people. This is really the only kind of opportunity where producers, DJ’s, and Industry people from all over the world will be in one spot. You might already be in contact with them over Instagram or email, but meeting them and setting up that personal connection is really important.
Where’s the best place to download mashups or bootlegs for free?
I actually don’t have any idea. I think the best place is still SoundCloud. SoundCloud is still a great place where you can download bootlegs, but sometimes those tracks get taken down. You could try submitting your tracks to blogs but I don’t think promotion from blogs works that well anymore.
I think Facebook groups are a better way to promote your music. With Facebook groups, you actually have a cluster of all the people that you’re trying to reach in one place. So if you’re being really active in those groups, and if you’re starting to set up connections with those people, they will start to support your music. That’s a better and more effective way to promote your music.
I’m still having difficulties choosing a name profile and branding. I would really appreciate some help!
The key is to not overthink the whole process. Like, of course, you need a name and profile. And of course you need branding. But in the beginning, it doesn’t really matter how you brand because it will only start to become important when you start to do something with your brand name. So it doesn’t matter what the name is, it matters what you do with a name, what kind of music you make, and how well your music is doing. That’s the most important thing.
So the main advice here would be do not overthink that this process. Take some time to think about a unique name which is easy to find on the internet and social media. Then just roll with it. Take some time to work on it and your music will start to create your brand name in the long term.
How can I improve my workflow?
Make it as easy as possible for yourself. What always worked for me was creating a template in my DAW. When you have a creative idea, which you wanted to get out of your head ASAP, you don’t want to have anything stopping you. Making a template worked really well because I could start working really quickly and easily without any hurdles stopping me. Also, creating your own sample packs really works so that you have all the samples that you really like in one spot.
How should I write emails to labels? How did you do it?
Well, I would try to keep it short. Don’t make an email that is really long because those labels are really not interested in your life story. They just want to hear your song. Be kind, be generous, and send a short email with a private functional link. If you send a link that is broken, you just lost your opportunity.
Do you have a label?
I used to have one – it’s actually not active anymore. It still exists, the music is still online, but I don’t run it anymore. It was called Dubbed Records.
What do you think about using Splice loops?
I actually think everyone should do it. Like why not do it? As a creator, you should use everything that you can use which is available to you. Before Splice you were downloading sample packs and then only using a few loops. Right now you’re just paying $8 a month to use all the loops you can find. Of course you can be creative with it and start tweaking them and switching things up. That will be even better. They’re royalty free, so why not?
My track is releasing in three weeks. The label will announce it on Friday. Should I just start promoting the track everywhere straight away?
Promoting the release before the release date make sense, but it only makes sense if you send it out to DJ and playlist owners because you want to give them a heads up. You want to give the DJ an exclusive option to start playing your music before everyone else starts doing it. Those are the two things you can do before the release comes out. When the release is out, you want to start promoting the song that is available on Spotify.
What are some tips on creating memorable melodies and harmonies?
A really helpful tip is that if you create a melody, try to hum it and ask someone else to hum it after listening to it once as well. A melody should be easy to remember. Sometimes it’s even easier than you might think yourself. Check with other people as well after they listen to it once or twice.