Get Your Podcast On iTunes By Using Soundcloud

I was talking about podcasts during one of my master classes when one of the attendees asked me how I got my podcast on iTunes. That question leads me to write this article since I got this question more often than just once. It’s actually quite simple, here’s how it works.

  1. Go to your Soundcloud account settings by clicking the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. Then scroll down and go to ‘Settings’.

  1. Click on the tab ‘Content’ and copy the RSS feed link

  1. Go to and fill in your Apple ID and password

  1. Click on the ‘+’ in the upper left corner

  1. Fill in the RSS feed link you got from your Soundcloud account and click ‘Submit’

You’ve done it! Your podcast should appear in the iTunes store within approximately 24/48 hours. iTunes will pick all the needed information from your Soundcloud account (profile picture, business information etc.)

Ok, so your podcast is available in the iTunes store now, that doesn’t mean that every upload will automatically appear in the feed of iTunes. You need to select the uploads yourself by doing the following:


  1. Upload the track you want to feature on iTunes on your Soundcloud page

7. Click on the tab ‘Permissions’ and check the box at ‘include in RSS feed’


Now save your upload and wait for it to appear in the iTunes store. (This may take a few hours)



Would you like to add older uploads to your iTunes feed? No problem.

Simply click on the three dots underneath the upload and click on ‘More’. Scroll down and click ‘Edit’.


Click on the tab ‘Permissions’ and check the box at ‘include in RSS feed’ now save your changes and the upload should appear in the iTunes store within the next few hours

That’s it! You’re all set and ready to go.


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