Personal Coaching

Most artists have one common enemy…

I bet you’re a bit like me… You’re an artist for years now and you’re starting to recognize certain patterns in your life.

  • You’re insecure about your music and struggle to finish your projects
  • You’ve been working really hard but without any positive results
  • You’re not getting booked by event promoters
You are the enemy

What most artists do is that they keep doing the same thing over and over again which leads to the same result, stagnation.

The good news is

You can break these patterns to move forward and create growth in your personal life and especially your music career.

What our clients say

Before coaching

After coaching

How It Works

Intake Call

First, you will meet your coach in person and dive deeper into the details of your situation.

Coaching is not for every artist. That’s why we first meet and have a deeper look into your career before you can enter the coaching program.

Coaching Sessions

You will meet your coach once a month.

During the sessions, you will discover more about your inner processes and learn how to build a sustainable and successful artist career.


After one year, you’ll have an evaluation session with your coach to look back on the result of the sessions and discuss a possible maintenance program.

Personal growth isn’t a one-time thing, it requires maintenance.

The Extras

Stay In Contact

Life happens from time to time and that’s why we don’t want to keep you waiting until your next session. You can reach out to your coach in between sessions through WhatsApp or Email to get a quick response.

Access To International Network

We have build an enormous international network over the years and we’re not afraid to use it for your benefits.

Build Your Network

Getting to know new people in the industry is hard. That’s why we connect everyone together.

Music Production Studio

We have our own humble studio that clients may use at their convience.

Stop thinking, start doing.